Our story

Faebian and Moritz met in Berlin in 2015. Both determined to make the world a better place, they connected over the shared visions of improving life globally with better water, and eliminating all plastic water bottles. Their quest begins by revolutionizing how we drink water at home.

The founders are complemented by an extraordinary group of engineers and business developers from all over the w orld: Our team members are English, Austrian, Brazilian, Spanish, Argentine, and German. We are backed by like-minded investors, among them Atlantic Food Labs, who are equally as enthusiastic about our quest as we are. Together, we are committed to the vision of making mitte available for everyone.


Founded by the end of 2015
Permanent team members: 7
Nationalities of team members: 6
Generations of prototypes built so far: 4 (if you don’t count the completely failed 5 previous versions)
Hours spent laser cutting, 3D printing and CNC milling: 455

Our Team 01/01