Improving life with better water

The quality of water is vital for human well-being. mitte® introduces a ground-breaking, smart, and sustainable water appliance for your home.

Inspired by nature

Input water Various contaminants find their way into our tap water— from bacteria and viruses to organic compounds such as hormones.
All water is part of an eternal water cycle that is the foundation of life.
Vaporization The water is vaporized through heat. Pure H20 vapor forms and is carefully channeled away. All impurities are left behind.
The warmth of sunlight causes water to evaporate. As water molecules rise, clouds form in the sky.
Condensation The vaporized water molecules are cooled down and condense into pure, distilled water.
Clouds are made up of tiny condensed water droplets. When they become heavier than air, the drops fall as rain.

Water is enriched via a long-lasting mineralisation cartridge. The result: perfectly balanced mineral water.

Our optional sustainable single-use capsules allow you to add a purely natural nutrient boost to your water.
Water flows through rocks and collects vital minerals on its path.
mitte® A revolutionary appliance that improves your well-being, uniting water purification and water vitalization in one machine.
Health mitte® purifies water to an unmatched degree and enriches it with the nutrients you need for a healthy life. Multi-use cartridges provide essential minerals. Optional, sustainable, capsules with various selected botanical extracts and vitamins are designed to support your individual lifestyle.
Sustainability Every time you use mitte®, you are reducing waste and diminishing Co2 emissions. By eliminating the use of plastic bottles, you are directly contributing to a healthy environment for all. We liked the idea of having mobile computing devices, since most of the technology was fixed, or stationary, says forti
Convenience The mitte® app is your control center. It tracks your hydration and ensures that you receive a fresh mineralization cartridge when you need it. Oh, and by the way, you never have to carry those heavy bottles again.
Safe Technology With mitte® you never have to guess: We use distillation because it's safer and more reliable than any other technology. For your assurance, sensors continuously measure the quality of water. mitte® even learns about your individual usage and adapts in order to ensure the highest energy efficiency.